Artist s' Masking Latex-Mediums : 75 ml

Artist s' Masking Latex-Mediums : 75 ml

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When we demand something more, something different from a painting technique, we have to go back to the pigments. As always, pure finely-ground pigment is the starting point for every special paste, for every new undertaking and for every new colour, in art, decoration and restoration. For artists wishing to work with such rare ancient techniques as fresco, egg tempera or encaustic painting, or give free rein to the wildest experiments, a genuine, dependable pigment provides a dependable point of departure. This is why Maimeri offers not only ready-made colours but Composed of natural rubber latex, ammonia, and water, this milky fluid masks out surfaces. It dries to a flexible and water resistant film that is easy to remove.

It is housed in a 75 ml glass jar with twist-off cap.

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