Artistico xtra wht CP-140lb 10shts : 11x14

Artistico xtra wht CP-140lb 10shts : 11x14

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Master Quality Papers That Will Stand the Test of Time

* Chlorine-free

* Acid-free

* No whiteners

* 100% cotton

* Mould-made

* Deckeled edges

* Watermarked

* External and internal sizing

* No animal by-products used in sizing

Fabriano Artistico uses cotton balls, as opposed to stretched and beaten cotton fibers as in other brands, for consistent and even water absorption across the surface. This construction also allows a stronger surface for punishment, whether it be scrubbing, erasing, or any number of other common watercolor techniques.

Soft Press is a unique surface that only Fabriano makes. The surface grain is in between Cold Press and Hot Press, providing just enough texture but not too much. Its almost spongy feel makes it a favorite among printmakers and digital printers, and it is perfect for the beginner watercolorist who has not quite mastered the effects of Cold Press.

No animal by-products are used in sizing. This procedure produces a more consistent, non-yellowing, non-smelling, more resilient non-scuffing surface that has no blotchy spots with an overall superior color-lifting response.

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